Surfing good Physiotherapy

Hi Gary.

I came to your shop on Sunday, because I think You are the right person to get this information to those who need it.
I crushed 3 vertebrae in my lower back about 15 years ago.
My Orthopod (Dr. Dunn) decided not to operate and I was kept rigid for a long time in hospital so the bones would grow back together.
I was then kept in a back brace for another 3 months etc etc etc.
Dr. Dunn advised me that nothing in the way of special exercises etc was going to help, I must just have normal unstressed exercise.
My back healed and was FINE and stronger than my legs (Lifting heavy things).
About 10 months ago it started deteriorating. About 3 months ago it was sore in the mornings and becoming a real problem.
About a week ago I started surfing again, after a break of about 10 months…. My back is suddenly fine again.
I came into your shop because I had suddenly realized the correlation. So long as I surfed once or twice a month, my back is fine. It is fine from right after the surf and for the next few days.
If I have a few surf days then it stays fine for a few weeks.
For the last 15 years……..As I often surfed on a Sunday morning over the summer, my back was fine for the rest of ┬áthe year, every year.
Anybody with any kind of a back problem should give it a try… The cost is infinitely less than a physio. There is nothing to lose, and in my case it works Brilliantly….
Martin Molteno