Desmond Tutu alongside the young up and coming surfers

Desmond Tutu alongside the young up and coming surfers










Good evening guys!

Gary we last spoke a few years back, when Jared had just embarked on his career as a professional bodyboarder and I reminded you of the young lad of about 11 at the time who said one day ` DAD ,theres this guy Gary who has a school for surfers and Bodyboarders at STRAND can I go!?`

That set his love for the sport in motion and he headed overseas in 2009 for the first time! With much courage and fortitude he has held onto his dream and yesterday he was crowned the 2014 CHAMPION of the APB (Association of Professional Bodyboarders) world tour event  , the ITACOATIARA PRO in Brazil – the 2nd on the calendar after the PIPELINE PRO in Hawaii!

He took on PLC (Pierre Louis Costes) , former world champ at his own game matching and beating him backflip for backflip to win the final convincingly!

This takes him to No. 1 on the APB World Tour rankings and has unleashed huge excitement amongst local and international body boarders

  1. Speechless. Thanks to everyone who has ever supported me in anyway. Well done to @pierrelouiscostes , you are the man and I thought I might die before I beat you! Thanks to my sponsors, family and friends and in particular my wife @natashasagardia and our little Poe – can’t wait to see you guys!!!
    @pridebodyboards @grandflavour @emeraldsurfcity @zionwetsuits

Jared is married to Natasha and they have our first grand daughter , Poeiti ( little pearl in Tahitian !) and live in Puerto Rico.He has a contract with PRIDE BODYBOARDS (his signature boards are the top selling high end boards in the world!) , ZION WETSUITS , GRAND FLAVOUR CLOTHING , EMERALD SURF SHOP!

Thank you for your input, Gary and for starting the dreams of Jared and I am sure many others!

Best regards