Latest News:

Surf Report Thursday 9/5

Low tide: 07.26   High tide: 15.10

Wind:  SE              Swell: 2 feet

Onshore mess!

Surf Report Wednesday 8/5

Low tide: 08.27   High tide: 14.37

Wind: None              Swell: 1 foot

Small waves but no wind. Perfect day for a lesson.

Surf Report Tuesday 7/5

Low tide: 07.53   High tide: 14.01

Wind: SW              Swell: 2 feet

Fun waves with a very slight cross-shore.

Surf Report Thursday 2/5

Low tide: 15.10    High tide: 08.46

Wind: NW                Swell: 1 feet

Not much swell, but wind is offshore.

Surf Report Thursday 25/4

Low tide: 08.57    High tide: 15.09

Wind: W                Swell: 1-2 feet

Nice, clean waves at the Berg. 1-2 feet with no wind. Grab a longboard and head down here!

Surf Report Tuesday 23/4

Low tide: 07.14    High tide: 13.51

Wind: SE                Swell: 1-2 feet

1-2 feet onshore

Surf Report Monday 22/4

Low tide: 07.03    High tide: 13.11

Wind: SE                Swell: 1-2 feet

Fun, small waves with a slight onshore breeze.

Surf Report Monday 15/4

Low Tide: 11.56    High Tide:  18.09

Wind: N                   Swell: 2-3 feet

Clean offshore conditions. Beautiful waves. Don’t miss out!!

Surf Report 5/4

Low Tide: 18.19     High Tide: 11.59

Wind: SW               Swell: 2 feet

Slight cross-shore breeze.

Surf Report 2/4

Low Tide: 13.57     High Tide: 07.30

Wind: SW               Swell: 2 feet

Slight cross-shore breeze.