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Rent-A-Retro surfboard

Come and ride a Retro board from the ’70′s and ’80′s for an ‘old school’ feel of a surf!!


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Luxury Travel & Hospitality Award Winner

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…for your region we have a come to a decision.
I am pleased to say that Gary’s Surf School has been selected as our winner for;
Surf School – of the Year 2017



Muizenberg Beach from the Air

An aerial perspective of this beautiful beach and coastline…


We will be running our surf camps on the first Monday – Sunday of the months June, July & August of this year 2015. A 6 week notice period is required for booking yourself a place in the surf camp. Follow this link for more information should you be interested…

We need to be responsible for our planet!

Think twice before throwing your garbage away carelessly…

Surf Taxi

Should you require a taxi to our shop from your hotel, you can contact South Cab on 072 386 7375 to assist you.  Airport transfers are also available. Should you wish to rent surf equipment and go and surf other surf spots in the area then you can call us to organise the transport for you.


Howzit Longboarders
The WP Longboard Surfing Team 2014, at SA Champs, Cape St Francis, will compete as “The African Rhythm WP Longboard Surfing Team 2014″.
Long-standing WPLSA member, Gary Kleynhans, has ensured that the WP Team will present at SA Champs wearing great, high quality team kit! The kit will also carry the logo “Gary’s Surf School” – logo of the well-known Muizenberg pioneer of surf schools established back in the very early 2000′s
“African Rhythm” is a clothing label owned by Gary, and his generous sponsorship marks the very first marketing foray of the label into the surfing recreational clothing arena. Product range and news will follow at a later stage. The label goes back to the late 60′s …… then-local surfboard builder, Andy Spengler (operating out of his “factory shop” in Palmer Rd, Muizenberg Village) built his boards, at a stage, under the label “African Rhythm”. So this is a label with significant local surfing history.
Long story short …… Andy emigrated to the US – California, and can easily be tracked down on FB (who can’t be these days?)
GK picked up on this somewhere along the line, got in touch with Andy, and so procured the rights to use the label, exclusively, himself.
And so ……… “African Rhythm” makes its re-appearance after decades of slumber …. may it thrive!!
We’ll not keep you in suspense ……. the final CAD of the kit is attached. Kit goes into production coming Monday ….. hence recent calls for clothing sizes in our Member Application form on – so it’s not yet too late to secure your sizes ……. (please see our facebook page for images)
A huge thanks to you, Gary ………… may “The African Rhythm WP Longboard Surfing Team 2014″ conquer all-comers at SA Champs this year.

Surfing good Physiotherapy

Hi Gary.

I came to your shop on Sunday, because I think You are the right person to get this information to those who need it.
I crushed 3 vertebrae in my lower back about 15 years ago.
My Orthopod (Dr. Dunn) decided not to operate and I was kept rigid for a long time in hospital so the bones would grow back together.
I was then kept in a back brace for another 3 months etc etc etc.
Dr. Dunn advised me that nothing in the way of special exercises etc was going to help, I must just have normal unstressed exercise.
My back healed and was FINE and stronger than my legs (Lifting heavy things).
About 10 months ago it started deteriorating. About 3 months ago it was sore in the mornings and becoming a real problem.
About a week ago I started surfing again, after a break of about 10 months…. My back is suddenly fine again.
I came into your shop because I had suddenly realized the correlation. So long as I surfed once or twice a month, my back is fine. It is fine from right after the surf and for the next few days.
If I have a few surf days then it stays fine for a few weeks.
For the last 15 years……..As I often surfed on a Sunday morning over the summer, my back was fine for the rest of  the year, every year.
Anybody with any kind of a back problem should give it a try… The cost is infinitely less than a physio. There is nothing to lose, and in my case it works Brilliantly….
Martin Molteno

Surf Report

You will be able to follow our daily surf reports on our Facebook page. Go and like our page and you will be able to see what the surf conditions are like down here at Muizenberg.