General News:

Surf Report Wednesday 8/5

Low tide: 08.27   High tide: 14.37

Wind: None              Swell: 1 foot

Small waves but no wind. Perfect day for a lesson.

Surf Report Tuesday 7/5

Low tide: 07.53   High tide: 14.01

Wind: SW              Swell: 2 feet

Fun waves with a very slight cross-shore.

Surf Report Thursday 2/5

Low tide: 15.10    High tide: 08.46

Wind: NW                Swell: 1 feet

Not much swell, but wind is offshore.

Surf Report Thursday 25/4

Low tide: 08.57    High tide: 15.09

Wind: W                Swell: 1-2 feet

Nice, clean waves at the Berg. 1-2 feet with no wind. Grab a longboard and head down here!

Surf Report Tuesday 23/4

Low tide: 07.14    High tide: 13.51

Wind: SE                Swell: 1-2 feet

1-2 feet onshore

Surf Report Monday 22/4

Low tide: 07.03    High tide: 13.11

Wind: SE                Swell: 1-2 feet

Fun, small waves with a slight onshore breeze.

Surf Report Monday 15/4

Low Tide: 11.56    High Tide:  18.09

Wind: N                   Swell: 2-3 feet

Clean offshore conditions. Beautiful waves. Don’t miss out!!

Surf Report 5/4

Low Tide: 18.19     High Tide: 11.59

Wind: SW               Swell: 2 feet

Slight cross-shore breeze.

Surf Report 2/4

Low Tide: 13.57     High Tide: 07.30

Wind: SW               Swell: 2 feet

Slight cross-shore breeze.

Surf Camps!

Cape Town Surf Camp

Surfers Corner, South Africa

Gary’s Surf School hosts a premier surf camp at Surfers Corner in Muizenberg. The Surf packages accommodate beginner, intermediate, and advanced surfers, whether your traveling alone or in a group. Come learn to surf with the oldest surf school in Cape Town!

Don’t know anything about Cape Town? No worries! We will provide all the information and resources you’ll need to see the best of what Cape Town has to offer.

Surf Package Includes:

-Transfers to and from Cape Town International Airport

-7 nights accommodation

-Daily surf lesson

-Guided tour of all the surf spots on the Cape peninsula

-Unlimited use of surf equipment and gear (surfboard, wetsuit, etc.)

-Local information and travel packet including activities, restaurants, and public transportation information

Beginner Surf Package: Perfect for those who have never tried surfing or for beginners who need further training.

Intermediate Surf Package: Learn new maneuvers and refine your skills. Travel to different spots around the peninsula to experience different wave conditions.Our instructors will conduct lessons based on your individual skill set.

Advanced Surf Package: Get taken to the best surf spots on the peninsula with a surf guide every day. The guide will give you all the insider tips you’ll need to know about each spot.

Prices: R6000$ w/ Bailey’s Surf Accommodation

R8000$ with Blue Bottle Guesthouse

We are happy to customize a surf package for you if you would like to stay for more than 7 days. Contact us at for a quote.

Accommodation Options

Baileys Surf Shack

This is a backpackers and surfers paradise. Bailey’s has a cool vibe and it’s such an easy way to meet people visiting from all over the world.

Blue Bottle Guesthouse

Looking for an upgrade to more luxurious/private living- Blue Bottle Guesthouse is that and more. Enjoy their luxurious suites located on the side of the mountain with stunning views of the bay.